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IT Governance, Risks and Conformities, Cybersecurity and Business Continuity clearly and appropriately to its reality.

Our service portfolio has the most assertive solutions for managing your IT environment, minimizing exposure to risks and enabling compliance and protection against cyber threats. We keep your business in the way of evolution - always aligned with your real needs and goals.


Our range of IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (IT-GRC) services help teams involved with Technology & Information to develop a complete job.

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  • Cybersecurity
  • Business continuity
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Governance, Risks and Compliance

Your company is more likely to achieve its goals when it has defined and implemented rules between areas and employees.
GRC is thus a set of practices and processes that promotes the feasibility and support of your business by helping to manage IT resources effectively, mitigating risks and promoting compliance with regulations and standards needed for your business.

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    PCI DSS certification is the data security standard of the mainstand payment cards sector and is mandatory for organizations that process, store and transmit credit and debit card data over the internet.
    With experienced professionals, DM11® can perform the full assessment of its payment infrastructure, identifying risks and vulnerabilities. In addition, we provide policies and procedures guidelines, implement security controls, data encryption, network and systems monitoring, employee training and audit preparation. With our expertise, we help our customers achieve compliance with PCI DSS, maximizing the protection of credit card data and the confidence of stakeholders.

  • ISO 2700x

    An organization with ISO 2700X family certifications signals to the market and its customers the commitment to information security.
    Through method and thorough analysis, our experts help in identifying gaps and implementing information security controls, aligned with the requirements of the standards. We provide policies and procedures guidelines, risk management, privacy, employee training and continuous monitoring. With our expertise, we help our customers reach ISO 2700X and 27701 family certifications and adopt a comprehensive information security approach, strengthening data protection and privacy, confidence of those involved and visibility with the acting market.

  • Central Bank of Brazi resolutions

    Resolutions of the Central Bank of Brazil – Numbers 4893 and 85/2021 concentrate on cyber security policies.
    Through a detailed analysis, DM11® assists in identifying requirements and implementing measures necessary to meet these standards and resolutions. We advise on policies and procedures, security controls, transaction monitoring, risk management and employee training. With our experience, we help our customers with this need to fit the Central Bank of Brazil resolutions, strengthening the safety of operations, regulatory compliance and customer confidence.

  • SOC2 Type I and II - ISAE 3402

    A SOC2 (Type I or II) report ISAE 3402 is internationally recognized as a seal of trust in systems security and data protection. In addition, the report assists in demonstrating compliance with customers, partners and auditors, strengthening the company’s credibility.
    DM11®, through careful analysis, evaluates the organization’s safety and compliance controls, assisting in the identification of gaps and implementing improvements. We provide policy and procedures guidelines, risk management, continuous monitoring and employee training. With our expertise, DM11® helps our customers obtain the SOC 2 – Type I and II report, demonstrating compliance with the highest information security standards and increasing the trust of customers and partners.

  • Third-party assessment

    Through our own methodology and expertise acquired, DM11® conducts a safety risks analysis about third parties and contractors offering essential services to protect sensitive information from your company. We identify the risks associated with suppliers, partners and contractors, analyzing their safety practices. Through an assertive review of documents, contracts and security policies, we advise the implementation of appropriate controls and provide personalized recommendations to mitigate the risks. With our experience, we help organizations to establish a reliable environment, maximizing data protection and compliance with security regulations, strengthening relationships and minimizing vulnerabilities.

  • Cyber Security Strategy and RoadMap

    Through a strategic approach, we conducted an analysis directed to existing reality and security environment, identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the organization. Based on this analysis, we have developed a personalized cyber security strategy, aligned with business goals. This includes the definition of policies, implementation of safety controls, employee training and adopting appropriate technologies. In addition, we elaborate a detailed action plan, providing clear guidelines to implement the necessary improvements. With our experience and updated market knowledge, we help organizations strengthen their cyber safety stance, minimizing risks and protecting critical assets against increasingly sophisticated threats.

  • Data protection and privacy for LGPD compliance

    We offer essential guidance to assist organizations to adapt to Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and raise their level of data protection and privacy. We performed a comprehensive analysis of data collection, storage and processing processes, identifying gaps and defining measures to seek compliance with the legislation. We assist in the review of privacy policies, implementation of security controls, training of employees and creation of data governance programs. In addition, we work in the development of mechanisms for the exercise of the rights of data holders and the elaboration of security response policies. With our expertise, we support its organization in the construction of a data protection culture, maximizing the privacy of individuals and minimizing exposure to regulatory sanctions.

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Our IT Governance, Risk management and Conformities (IT-GRC) help the teams involved with Information Technology to develop a complete job.