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DevSecOps with a high level of efficiency and security.

With the SastAction® solution, we are ready to offer the intelligence necessary to optimize your secure development process, granting you the autonomy to analyze your lines of code or choose to count on our consultative support.

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Software Testing

Find and fix software vulnerabilities in applications.

Security Review

Find out if your applications meet the necessary requirements to avoid incidents or impacts on operations.

Code Review

Analysis of an application's source code with the aim of identifying possible flaws.

Maturity analysis

Assessment of the organization's stance in relation to the practices and processes adopted by the team.


Periodic monitoring and testing, for codes that are constantly updated.


Implementation of tools to optimize all processes and flows.

Optimization of processes and development mat

SastAction® is our leading DevSecOps solution designed to strengthen the security of your entire development process. It is a product that includes process, tools and knowledge and aims to incorporate security from the beginning, aligning perfectly with your development approach.

  • Development

  • Security

  • Operations

If you are committed to raising security and agility standards in your organization, SastAction® is the right choice.

SastAction® is ideal for companies that need to connect their Development, Operations and Security teams in search of an integrated approach to guarantee the security of applications and systems from the initial phases of development to continuous operation.



  • Early detection of vulnerabilities

  • Quick responses to threats

  • Reduction of costs

  • Optimization of the processes

Customized solutions

We identify the particularities of your business and create a personalized plan to achieve your specific goals and needs.


DM11®’s commitment to your company

DM11® has stood out due to our expertise in cybersecurity and development. Our consultative approach is guided by a commitment to understanding your unique needs.

When you choose SastAction®, you are opting for a partnership that prioritizes early vulnerability detection, agile threat responses, impeccable compliance and greater operational agility. Our experienced team is ready to help you create a secure and robust development environment.

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