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Cyber Antifrágil
Cyber Antifrágil

Being antifragile is being beyond resilient

An antifragile company is capable of seeing the randomness of situations as a natural and beneficial factor and, in the face of it, seeks improvement. It is antifragility that will pave a secure environment and the continuous improvement of your business process, allowing agile and structured incident handling, minimizing impacts and making the security of your information and the environment increasingly effective.

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  • Fragile

    Vulnerable, easily destroyed and unable to recover. Extremely delicate condition.

  • Resilient

    Withstands adversity and returns to its original state after impacts. Intermediate ability to face challenges.

  • Antifragile

    It resists, grows stronger when shaken, and thrives in crises. The ideal state, opposite to fragility.

Discover Cyber Antifrágil®

Cyber Antifrágil® is a DM11® solution, specially developed to enable the evolution of the ability to deal with risks and protect critical information, preserving investments already made and reinforcing the corporate security posture.

The biggest risk is the one we don't know about

  • 1

    Based on the understanding of the company's risk appetite, the calculation of assets and critical information on the defined business process, the main risks and weaknesses of the environment are identified and qualified so that cause and effect factors are mapped and provide a broad perspective recommended protections.

  • 2

    Based on the classified and prioritized risks, a mitigation plan is prepared with recommendations for treating weaknesses that can be addressed or eliminated. At this stage, the business continuity and incident response plans that cover the process are also reviewed, in order to ensure consistency between them and the identified risk scenario.

  • 3

    With the plans reviewed and implemented, batteries of validation tests are scheduled that will ensure the robustness of the process, with its assets and corporate culture. This first cycle, through quantified results, will serve as a reference to draw up the evolution plan – with goals, periodicity and maturity assessment, thus providing conditions for the continuous improvement process to take place and enable the growing antifragile stance.


  • Increased resilience and risk control

    We strengthen the company's resilience by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing measures to mitigate risks. This not only protects crucial data, but also increases the company's ability to quickly recover from incidents, thus enabling operational continuity.

  • Greater ability to overcome crises

    The company will be well prepared to face crises, presenting a quick and effective response to incidents, minimizing damage, protecting its own reputation and maintaining customer trust.

  • Greater peace of mind for management and business areas ​

    The leadership team and other business areas will be able to focus on their main activities with peace of mind, knowing that the company's security is in specialized hands. This allows for a more focused and productive work environment, without the constant worry about digital threats.

  • Greater degree of compliance with key cybersecurity regulatory requirements ​

    We make it possible for the company to comply with all regulations. This not only avoids fines and penalties, but also builds a reputation for reliability with customers, partners and regulators.

  • Optimization of investments with greater efficiency of security solutions

    By analyzing the company's specific needs, we help choose adapted security solutions, optimizing investments. This allows resources to be allocated efficiently, maximizing protection without financial waste.

  • Confidence to expand with new digital businesses

    By creating a solid security infrastructure, the company will gain the confidence necessary to explore new digital business opportunities. Robust security provides a safe environment for innovation, expansion and partnerships, enabling sustainable company growth.

Continuous improvement

Antifragility provides a continuous improvement process for your company that, with each work cycle, emerges stronger and creates more defenses against failures, attacks and unforeseen scenarios.

Selection of
critical processes
Criticality Profile
of primary assets
Removal of weaknesses
in supporting assets
Adding protection to
value information
Preparation to deal with
cyber incidents
Learning from
the adversities
Testing and fixing
ineffective controls

Antifragile Management

Your company will identify relevant weaknesses, focus resources to protect critical assets, and learn to respond effectively to cyber incidents and crises.

  • Critical areas

  • Team prepared for responses

  • Well-configured tools

  • Managed risks

Antifragile Mindset

  • 1

    It is constantly aware that things may not work out, but that this is part of a process of maturation and growth, adaptation and improvement.

  • 2

    It’s about wanting to leave your comfort zone to evolve your capacity, your controls and your results.

  • 3

    It's testing your own limits proactively, making this exercise a habit, increasing the chance of surviving stressful situations or crises.