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Welcome to oitenta20® it Risk Assessment!

Through our own methodology and approach, we are able to comprehensively map the vulnerabilities of your business and identify those that represent the greatest risks to the stability and security of your company.

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Our approach is supported by solid data analysis, highlighting the information security disciplines that require immediate attention. Focusing on these areas, you will be well referred to mitigate 80% of the risks. Find out how oitenta20® can raise your IT safety and maturity to the next level. We are committed to helping your organization achieve solid and measurable results in your IT environment.

How it work?

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    The oitenta20® works through interviews and thorough technical evaluations of major information security disciplines in your IT environment.

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    Our approach ensures that each action is guided by solid information.

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    With oienta20® you not only mitigates risks, but also raises the maturity of your IT environment. This means greater awareness, more efficient processes and implementation of robust technologies.

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    This is the way for smarter and more effective IT risk management!


  • Significant Risk Reduction

    Significant Risk Reduction

    We aim to mitigate 80% of IT risks, reducing the likelihood of serious incidents.

  • Choosing Appropriate Technology

    Choosing Appropriate Technology

    We help you identify the technological solutions best suited to your business needs.

  • Measurable Maturity

    Measurable Maturity

    We allow the measurement and monitoring of IT maturity over time, demonstrating tangible improvements.

  • Improving Operational Efficiency

    Improving Operational Efficiency

    We demonstrate flawed processes so that they can be optimized, thus making them more efficient and agile.

  • Rapid Response to Emerging Threats

    Rapid Response to Emerging Threats

    We provide visibility for the organization to recognize risks and thus react quickly to new cyber threats and security challenges.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    We help drive compliance with relevant regulations, avoiding fines and penalties.

  • Improvement in Reputation

    Improvement in Reputation

    Your organization will demonstrate a solid commitment to data security, which can increase trust with customers and partners.

  • Informed Decision Making

    Informed Decision Making

    Our action plan will provide solid information to make strategic decisions.

  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    IT management can demonstrate to the board peace of mind, knowing that IT security is in good hands and that the organization is prepared to face cyber challenges.

  • Greater Team Efficiency

    Greater Team Efficiency

    Understanding the risks and maturity allows the technical team to channel their efforts into what is really necessary and thus focus on high-value activities.

  • Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    Understand what is really necessary to invest in order to invest correctly.

  • Reduction of Human Errors

    Reduction of Human Errors

    Identifying the maturity of your IT team and processes helps reduce human errors that can lead to security incidents, saving time and money.

"The biggest risk is the one   we don't know about."

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