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More security and privacy for your data

DPO Backoffice® supports complete support to regulate your business according to LGPD, ensuring protection and efficient solutions for your Data Protection Officer (DPO). Through DPO Backoffice®, DM11® offers an evolution in consulting and guidelines that adapt to your data protection needs. In a collaborative work, our experts walk side by side with their DPO to expand the company's security measures, building a real barrier to threats in data protection.

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Who is the Data Protection Officer?

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a professional responsible for ensuring that an organization is in accordance with data protection laws and regulations, in the case of Brazil, the General Law on Personal Data Protection (N. 13.709/2018). The DPO is responsible for supervising privacy policies, training employees on secure data practices, cooperating with data protection authorities and acting as a contact point between the company, data holders and regulatory authorities on data protection issues issues personal.

Why hire DPO Backoffice®?

Only a multidisciplinary team of excellence can offer this security. Our professionals are experts in digital, business, regulatory and data privacy. In addition, we have a team of professionals in cybersecurity, governance, risks and compliance.

Therefore, DPO Backoffice® goes far beyond training or training of the role of DPO. We are ready to guide the best practices for the processing of personal data and transforming your business with the dissemination of the information protection culture, preparing your DPO to deal with all the requirements of the function.

What are the risks of non -adequacy to law?

  • 1

    Supervisory entities

    The brazilian National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) is the body responsible for monitoring and applying sanctions in accordance with inconsistencies found in data processing.

  • 2

    Legal Problems

    Customers, partners and employees, as data holders, can take legal action if they notice any inconsistency on the part of your company in the processing of the data used.

  • 3


    A data privacy incident can harm your company's reputation with customers and partners.

  • 4

    Financial losses

    The fine for organizations that do not comply with the LGPD can represent up to 2% of their annual revenue.

Difference between DPO as a Service and DPO Backoffice®

In DPO as a Service, you hire a third party company to deal with LGPD -related internal issues. This makes the process unflexible to meet specifications of your business. Already with DPO Backoffice® you enable your personnel in charge of personal data, which will act internally, familiar with the difficulties and needs of your company.

Check out the main differences:

  • DPO as a Service

    It requires sharing company data with an outside organization.

    Expect an outside company to understand the internal aspects of the organization.

    It is not possible to prove the competence of the company hired to offer the DPO service.

    The remote DPO experiences more difficulties when disseminating the data protection culture in the company.

    Hiring a DPO as A Service company presents high costs.

    It is common for your company to be compelled to accept the working hours of the outsourced company.

    Your income is committed to a monthly investment in DPO throughout all company cycles

  • DPO Backoffice®

    Efficiently centralizes information within your company.

    The knowledge acquired with the support of DPO Backoffice® is internalized. This means that there will be autonomy of action as soon as your business is comfortable with the function.

    You can follow the entire orientation process of your DPO and see excellence up close.

    A DPO that makes up your team is much easier to propagate the data protection culture.

    Hiring our team to qualify your DPO to perform the role is financially viable.

    With DPO Bakoffice®, you can hire plans that suit your workload needs.

    Your DPO is instructed to act autonomously and your investments can have new destinations.

Certified Excellence

Certificações DM11

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)


Privacy and Data Protection (DPO | PDPP | PDPF)


Threat Intelligence


Penetration Test




Lead Auditor ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2013


Information Security Foundation Based in ISO/IEC 27002


QualysGuard Certified Specialist


Council Certified Ethical Hacker


Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology

CoBIT 5*

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)


Data Protection Officer | GDPR & LGPD Certification


Project Management Professional


PRojects IN Controlled Environments Foundation (PRINCE2)


Microsoft Project Orange Belt


Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)


Information Security Foundation (ISFS) based in ISO/IEC 27001


Perícia Forense Digital


Cetified Security Architecture Expert | Certified Network Security Expert | Certified Penetration Testing Expert


Solyd Certified Pentester (SYCP)


Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)


Discover everything we can offer for your company

  • Diagnosis

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    • Assessment of information security gaps;
    • Assessment of legal gaps;
    • Risk assessment in people, processes and technologies;
    • Assessment of maturity in privacy management;
    • Legal analysis of documentation that legitimizes data processing;
    • Analysis of compliance with confidentiality terms and agreements;
    • Analysis of contract models and identification of necessary adjustments;
    • Legal validation of the need for data anonymization.
  • Mapping

    View services
    • Collection of personal data;
    • Direct and indirect data processing;
    • Understanding data sharing and transfers;
    • Legal validation of sensitive flow points mapped by the IT team;
    • Legal validation of the legal bases highlighted in the diagnosis.
  • Implementations

    View services
    • Technical implementation;
    • Information Classification Plan;
    • Incident Response Plan;
    • Legal implementation;
  • Training

    View services
    • Awareness workshop for employees;
    • Awareness workshop for managers;
    • Awareness workshop for third parties;
    • Training workshop for preparing the Personal Data Protection Impact Report (RIPD/DPIA).
  • Management

    View services
    • Risk and compliance management for third parties;
    • Risk and compliance management for data operators;
    • Vulnerability management in technological assets;
    • Incident management;
    • Consent Management;
    • Management of holder orders;
    • Security management in web applications and mobile applications;
    • Crisis management;
    • Business continuity management.
  • Audit

    View services
    • Implementation Double-Check;
    • Security audit in the data flow process;
    • Security audit in web applications and mobile applications;
    • Audit on external and internal infrastructures (cyber attack simulation);
    • Audit and control effectiveness test;
    • Audit on personal data protection controls;
    • Audit security and privacy controls;
    • Audit of legal controls;
    • Auditing contracts;
    • Analysis of deviations and incidents;
    • Monitoring and responding to privacy incidents;
    • Review of Regulations;
    • Review of Security and Privacy Controls;
    • Business Continuity Review;
    • Review of Legal Controls;
    • Review of the personal data protection impact assessment methodology;
    • Training and awareness cycles.
  • Committee

    View services
    • Creation and Definition of the Privacy and Data Protection Committee;
    • Definition of DPO;
    • Legal Advisor to the Committee;
    • Information Security Consultant for the Committee.
  • On demand

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    On demand
    • Specialist in Digital Law and Data Privacy;
    • Lead Auditor in Information Security Management;
    • Data Protection Specialist;
    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
DPO Backoffice

DPO Backoffice® is developed to serve companies of various sizes and segments

DPO Backoffice® costs far less than the specialization and maintenance of an employee or the salaries of an expert. You will have a data privacy team to empower your DPO, mediate communication between your business and ANPD, and provide tranquility and security for your business.

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